Black Lives Matter ‚úäūüŹĺ

As the founder of a Black-owned business, I continue to be saddened and hurt by racism's ongoing harm in society. I'm encouraged by the solidarity for what's shaping up to be another historical moment of the century. 

To every person lifting your voice, showing up to listen and offering aid where you're able, thank you. Your support is heartwarming during this difficult time. 

This summer, I will be donating 15% of online purchases to Nia Centre for the Arts. Nia Center is a Black arts organization that encourages young Black creatives to be who they are, reassures them they belong, and supports their growth journey as they work to become their best selves. 

I sit on Nia's Board of Directors. Initially, I felt conflicted about using Nia Center as the benefactor of my donations. After much consideration and consultation about a possible conflict of interest, as an (unpaid) Director, I feel comfort in knowing; while I will not be managing the donations directly, I can help direct donations to where they are most needed. 

As I emerge on a new journey with my brand, the number of handcrafted goods I have online will grow slowly. If you see something you love and make a purchase now, thank you. Click this link to shop the current collection.

If you prefer to wait until you see the perfect piece, and would like to offer support now to a small woman-led business during the pandemic, you can purchase a gift certificate (see below). 

Be well and take care of each other.
Peace, love and solidarity.



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