Coping with coping: using the pandemic pause to focus on creativity

Flat lay photography of a CK One perfume bottle on a white, sunny background with an ADORA WATSON 'Hemera' gold 2mm paper clip link necklace overtop(Photo © ADORA WATSON⁠ / elisaCOMPANY⁠)


The world's taking a pandemic pause. How've you been keeping?

It has been a difficult time. For all of us. My days leading up to the lockdown were anxious. Everything was changing so quickly. All of my plans needed to be shifted or canceled. Uncertain of how things would unfold, I decided to lean into the one thing I had been longing for: take a deep breath and rest.

Before the pandemic, I felt a lot of pressure. Pressure to produce new jewelry as quickly as possible. Pressure to post to social media every moment of every day. Pressure to pursue every opportunity to ensure I was never missing out. My stress levels were skyrocketing, and while I was happy with my work, I didn't feel connected to it in the way that I wanted. I feel balanced in circumstances where my work has the time and space it needs to breathe.

The demands of high volume output is unsustainable physically, psychologically, not to mention environmentally. True to my nature, I like to move slowly. I founded ADORA WATSON in honor of my grandmother's legacy with an aspiration to celebrate the beauty of women: every shape, every line, every hue.

As an independent maker, I used the pandemic pause to re-imagine how I create for ADORA WATSON. It's been joyful to play in my imagination and dig deep into nostalgia for days past (I'm wearing CK One perfume by Calvin Klein again).

With renewed energy, I'm excited to unveil my journey with you one small step at at time. Thank you for your love and support. I can't wait show you what's next in the days ahead.


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