ADORA WATSON beauty: Elisa's edit of favorite summer scents


Group of perfume samples on a white sunny background (Photo © ADORA WATSON⁠ / elisaCOMPANY⁠) | (Blog post cover photo via @kayali fragrances on Instagram)


I'm a perfume addict. I love all things soft, sweet, warm and earthy. With the spritz of a bottle, I can layer my skin in fresh florals, crisp citrus, or deep earthy scents. Just like jewelry, a touch of perfume can elevate my spirit, finish my look du jour, and transform my energy to match my attitude.

I'm also obsessed with mini's. Tiny bottles are the perfect size for weekend getaways or holiday travel. Using a small dab on each wrist and the sides of my neck, I wear each scent on its own or layer it with other favorites to create my own unique scents.

Here are a few favorites I'm loving right now (pictured above, clockwise):


  1. KAYALI ELIXIR | 11 
  2. DOLCE & GABBANA The Only One 
  3. TOCCA Florence
  4. MARC JACOBS Decadence
  5. Atelier Cologne Cèdre Atlas
  6. GUCCI Guilty
  7. TOCCA Cleopatra
  8. Chloé Nomade


Wishing you the sweetest and warmest of days.


(P.S. - What are your favorites?)

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