Three Gold Rings

Meet Three Graces, a set of gold stacking rings imagined as representations of inner love, beauty, and a celebration of youthful energy. Consisting of a twist ring, ball ring and solitaire ring, wear them together, as separates or in any combination you wish. 


Gold roundel disk with three graces. 
4th century B.C.,

The Metropolitan Museum of Art


Inspired by mythological goddesses of charm and cheer, glide our rings on your fingers and slip into the delight of delicate jewels with angelic spirit. Created to benefit our HALO Fund, 50% of each Three Graces ring set purchase supports emerging women entrepreneurs in jewelry, beauty, and fashion.  



Three Graces set
Inspired by The Gratiae, mythological goddesses of beauty and grace

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Jubilee ring
Inspired by Euphrosyne, mythological goddess of joy and cheer

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Radiance ring
Inspired by Aglaea, mythological goddess of splendour and brilliance 

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Blossom ring
Inspired by Thalia, mythological goddess of warmth and abundance

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